Integrating Shopify App

If you’re familiar with our catalogue of Shopify themes, then you probably are familiar with the integrable Shopify Apps that we support depends on the theme you purchased. Here are some apps and the list of their compatible themes, along with integration details to help boost your customer experience and conversion.

Wishlist Compare Plus 3.0

  • Price: Free +.

Themes Supported:

  • Handy 4.2+
  • Zeexo 1.1+
  • Electro 6.0+
  • Xstore 1.0+

    In case you prefer a third-party app

    • It is advisable to delete these codes after uninstalling Arena Wishlist & Compare app to help the other app integrate better with the theme. These codes are:
    {% include 'arn_wl_cp_settings' %}  
    {% include 'arn_wl_cp_styles' %}  
    {% include 'arn_icons_define' %}
    • They can be found in the Actions or Theme actions button’s drop down list when clicked.
      • myShopify Admin Homepage > Online Store > Themes > Current theme > Actions > Edit code. edit-code
      • Theme customization page > General settings > Theme actions > Edit code. edit-code2
    • Once in the Edit code window, choose {\}theme.liquid and paste any line of the codes above into the search box.
    • These codes always go together and you just need to delete them from {\}theme.liquid the way you delete text in any document processor.
    • When done, click Save.

    Product Review

    1. Product Reviews by Shopify Free

    • Price: Free.

    Themes Supported:

    • All of our Shopify themes.

      2. Loox - Photo Reviews 20% off

      • Price: $9.99/month - 20% off when install with our promo link.

      Themes Supported:

      • Zeexo 1.0+
      • Electro 6.0+
      • Xstore 1.0+

        3. Growave 30 day free trial extended!

        • Price: Free to $299.99/month with 30-day free trial for all packages when install with our promo link.

        Themes Supported:

        • Electro 6.0+
        • Xstore 1.0+

          Smart Search & Instant Search App 30% off

          • Price:
            • Free for stores with less than 25 products.
            • For stores with 25 products or more, price starting from $6.30/month, with 30% off when install with our promo link.

          Themes Supported:

          • All of our Shopify themes.

            Webpage Translation Service


            We nolonger support it

            End of Support App

            1. End of Support (January 2020)

            Themes Supported:

            • Electro 5.x
            • Handy 4.x
            • Zexxo 1.x
            • Chromium 2.x

              2. Wishlist & Compare 1.0 End of Support (January 2020)

              The new Wishlist & Compare 2.0 is now available. Please refer to its details in the beginning above.

              Themes Support:

              • From 04/2020, we had stopped supporting this app. Don’t install it.
              • Price: Free.