Arena Shopify Admin Extension lets you replace the default Shopify Theme Editor dashboard with new UI to easily manage the Shopify Theme.

Main functions

  • Admin Quick Links: This function helps you gain easier access to another editor page in Shopify as it gives you a board of shortcuts, in which each shortcut will lead you to an editor page that you will use regularly.
  • Advanced Theme Editor: This function extends your Shopify Theme Editor, gives you six additional tools to improve the way you configure Shopify theme.
  • Content Editor: This function allows you to easily add columns and buttons into your Shopify contents (products, pages, blog) with a click of a button .
  • URL Filter: This function helps you choose which domain the Extention will run in.
  • Import Menus: This funtion imports menus from Arena Dashboard into your Shopify store.



  • At the moment, Arena Dashboard Chrome extension app only supports Shopify store.
  • Arena Dashboard Chrome extension app is still under further development.
    If you have any feedback and query, please let us know at: [email protected].
  • To make your experience with our extension easier, please read the instructions carefully.

Instruction Video

You can watch the instruction details in this video of how to use Arena Dashboard Chrome extension app here: