Electro Theme Settings

This chapter refers to the following section of the theme admin panel:
Online Stores > Themes > Electro Theme > Customize > Theme Settings

1. Apps Intergration

Step 1:

Step 2: Configure Apps & Theme Setting

Online Stores > Themes > Electro Theme > Customize > Theme Settings > Apps Intergration


    It’s our free Shopify app to support Customers can create a Wishlist by logging into their store account and simply start saving their favorites to it for later viewing.



          2. Multi Currency

          Preparing Multi Currency Switcher

          Online Stores > Themes > Electro Theme > Customize > Theme Settings > Multi Currency
          Group Parameter Description
          Enable Multi-currency Enable multi currency switcher
          Auto Currency Switcher On Customer Location Use Geo IP Location to detect your customer location and auto select the store currency
          Flag type - Retangle/ Square/ Circle: Show country-currency flag & select sharp
          - None: Flag Hidden
          Money Format Select money format
          Currencies You Wish To Support - All: Show all currency Shopify support
          - Select by manually: select by list below
          Currencies You Wish To Support Manually Input Currencies Code, separate your currency codes with a space

          3. General Settings

          Online Stores > Themes > Electro Theme > Customize > Theme Settings > General Settings
          Parameter Description
          Enable lazy loading images Lazy loading is technique that defers loading of non-critical resources at page load time.
          Instead, these non-critical resources are loaded at the moment of need.
          Where images are concerned, “non-critical” is often synonymous with “off-screen”.
          LAYOUT Layout Mode Configure Wide / Boxed (Container) Layout
          Fix Boxed 1280px Configure Boxed Layout as 1280px instead of 1440px
          Switch to RTL layout Change your website layout to Right to Left
          Button Back To Top Show button Back to Top
          BACKGROUND BODY You may select background image or color for body content
          BREADCRUMB Configure breadcrumb detail: background color/images, height
          SHOP Enable Catalog Mode Disable Add to cart button
          Display messages to remind free shipping offer Display shipping threshold message
          Free shipping total cart require Enter the number of total cart to free shipping condition
          Currency: base on store setting
          STATIC SECTIONS Homepage Static Sections Setting to enable/disable sections for homepage

          Announcement Bar - TopBar Sections

          • Announcement Bar: Enable Homepage Announcement Bar Static Section

          Mobile Menu Icon

          • Mobile Department: Enable Mobile Menu with icon Section

          Mobile Bottom Bar

          4. Typography

          Parameter Description
          HEADER FONT Configure Heading font family
          Heading 1-6 Size Configure Font Size Heading H1-H6
          BODY FONT Configure Body font family
          Body size Configure body font size
          Top Bar font size Configure Top Bar (Announcement Bar) font size
          Navigation size Configure Navigation font size
          Navigation dropdown size Configure Navigation dropdown font size
          Product title size Configure font size Product name in Product card
          Product item title size Configure font size Product name in product page
          Product item price size Configure font size Product price in product page

          4. Icon

          Online Stores > Themes > Electro Theme > Customize > Theme Settings > Icon

          The icons setting use in whole store pages. You can checkout all font class here:

          Parameter Description
          Favicon Favicon of website. Icon type: select font icon or image

          Font icon name: insert icon font class name start with icon

          Image: upload image file
          Loading icon Loading icon
          Phone number icon Phone icon in header & others
          Email icon email icon in header & others
          Track order icon icon track in header (delivery)
          Location icon icon location in header & others
          Account icon icon account
          Wishlist icon icon wishlist
          Compare icon icon compare
          Cart icon icon for cart in header & product cards
          Social icon icon for social sharing button

          5. Colors

          Parameter Description
          Header Background color Background color for header
          Text color Color for header text
          Background for the number on icons Phone icon in header & others
          Email icon Email icon in header & others
          Body color Main Color Primary color use for main site
          Background Color body background
          Text color Body default text color
          Miscellaneous Color Text for misc detail
          General Text Color Text color in dark site
          General Light Text Color Text color in light site
          Title Text Color General title color
          Link Color General Text Links color
          Border Color General boder color
          Ratting Empty Color Star rating empty color
          Navigation color Link color Nav Text links color
          Link Hover Color Nav Text link when hover color
          Background Color In Dropdown Background color for dropdown nav
          Link Item Color In Dropdown Text links in dropdown nav color
          Link Item Hover Color In Dropdown Text links when hover in dropdown nav color
          Background Navigation Hover Color Background when hover color - only for header style 03
          Navigation Label Color Text sale label color Text color in Sale label
          Sale label background Background color Sale label
          Text new label color Text color in `New Label``
          New label background Background color New label
          Hot label color Text color in `Hot Label``
          Hot label background Background color Hot label
          Footer Color Footer Content Background Background color
          Footer Text Color Footer text color
          Footer Link Color Footer text links color
          Footer Link Hover Color Footer text links hover color
          Footer Copyright Background Footer bottom copyright container background
          Footer Copyright Color Copyright text color
          Button style 01 Custom button style 01: background, text, border, hover…
          Button style 02 Custom button style 02: background, text, border, hover…

          6. Fomo Popups


          Fomo Popups display real-time customer activity notifications on your store. You can use it as a Social Proof Markteting Tool to Boost Conversions.

          Sale Notification Popups

          Popups to show the number of Sale on your Online Store to encourage customer making purchase.

          Sale Notification Popup

          Sale popup template:

          Some one in {Random City} {Random Text}.
          {Random Product in Collection}.
          {Random Number} {Random Text}

          Parameter Description
          Popup Position Popup position to display on Desktop when lauch.
          Position: Bottom Left/Bottom Right/Top Right/Top Left.
          Visibility Show On Home Page Show Sales Notification on Home Page
          Show On Product Page Show Sales Notification on Product Page
          Show On Collection Page Show Sales Notification on Collection Page
          Hide on Mobile Device Hide Sales Notification on Mobile Device
          {Random City} Random City base on GEOIP: Auto Dectect Visitor Country and get list all cities to use
          Manual Cities List: Input optional Cities in next field
          Combine both list: Mixup cities list in visitor country & manual cities list.
          Manual Cities List Your manual cities list. Separate city by ;
          {Random Text} Random Text Random text. eg: just bought;view;search
          {Random Product in Collection} Random Product in Collection Select product in Collection to show
          {Random Number} Random Number Select random number to show. Separate number by ;
          {Random Text} Random Text Random text. eg: minutes ago;hours ago;days ago
          Background color Background color

          Visitor Count Popups

          Popup to show Random Visitor detail to Product page. Visitor Count Template:

          {Random Number} of visitor {Text Field}
          Parameter Description
          Show Visitor Count Popup Show Visitor Count Popup when Customer visit Product page
          Remove cookie every Time gap to Reset the number of visitors show in the product.
          Counter Min Minimum visitor number to show
          Counter Max Maxium visitor number to show
          Value range of counter after reload page
          (Percent x The previous value)
          Standard deviation range when visitor refresh product page in Web Browser.
          Popup position Popup position display in Desktop
          Icon User Icon image User icon
          Text Field text show at {Text Field}
          Background color Visitor Count Popup background color

          Discount Popup

          Configure to Product Popup Coupon. Intent Exit Popup when customer hover out of Product page.

          7. Product Card

          8. Swatch Styles