Electro Header & Navigation

This chapter refers to the following section of the theme admin panel:
Online Stores > Themes > Electro Theme > Customize > Sections > Header

Header is a Static Section apply settings to all pages.

Header Configuration

Parameter Description
Section Layout Mode Setting layout for Header at Boxed or Wide
Header Style You may select slide from 1-7 to adjust Header style
Border top - Header style 3 Add border at top header style 3
Fix layout wide - Header style 2 Adjust Menu to box layout in header style 2
Logo Image Image Upload image for your website logo. We recommend you to upload 2x image size (2xCustom logo width.
eg. custom logo witdh = 125px -> logo width 250px )
Custom logo width (in pixels) Select your logo width show in the header
Text box Welcome text - Header style 2 Add top left welcome text content
Shipping text - Header style 1&5 Add detail in Bottom right of style 1, 5
Contact box Show contact box on Desktop Check to show on Desktop
Show contact box on Mobile Check to show in Mobile
Show icon - Header style 2
Header Links Setting Store location & Track your oder link to page

Following next options related to Navigation.
Please read more detail:

In default, the mega navigation will flyout at direction at Right side of the drop-down menu. However, if you would like to change the direction flyout, you may add the menu titles(label) into MENU FLY OUT LEFT field. Add a separator ; for each title

  • Eg. Menu name is Flyout Left -> input Flyout Left
  • Menu name is: Contact Us -> input Contact Us
  • Input Flyout Left; Contact us if you would like to show Flyout Left & Contact us sub menu at the left side

Options to highlight the menu item in Horizontal & Verticle Menu.